We are Matcha Bears, a company started by two tea lovers and green tea advocates, Adam and Jahangir.

A few years ago, Adam sought a healthier lifestyle. By integrating matcha into his diet and fitness routine, he started to lose fat and gain muscle in a sustainable way. Since then, the affinity for matcha and tea has only grown stronger.

In 2016, Adam started thinking about edible forms of matcha, and he noticed that the market was saturated with cakes, cookies, and other delectable, sugary sweets. There were no real “healthy” edible forms of matcha, and Adam knew that needed to change. Matcha Bears would be the game changer.


With the consumer in mind, we use non-animal gelatin, which still offers all the health benefits of matcha while cutting out all the preparation time. After one year of research and development, we created an edible version of matcha without high calories or fatty elements. Our mission is to offer our consumers the purest, most enjoyable form of matcha, without going through the hassle of brewing a hot cup of tea.

We are so excited to share the health benefits of Matcha Bears and hope you will join us on this journey!

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